We have first hand experience of property investment

Property Investment Can Offer You The Lifestyle You Desire.

We take a realistic, common-sense approach to property investment – There are somethings that are not always covered in an expensive weekend workshop. In terms of property investment, the little things often make a big difference. Large or small we can help.

Return On Investment

There are many things to consider when you let out a property, whether you are making your first buy-to-let investment, or whether you are an experienced portfolio landlord. It can all seem a little overwhelming, but don’t panic, we’re here to help.We can help you navigate the steps to success.

Our team understands that, as a landlord, you have several important strategic objectives to achieve including;

  • Obtaining the maximum return on your investment(s)
  • Managing Risk

Achieving Maximum Return:

If you wish to maximize your return on investment, you need to achieve a target level of rental income and long-term capital growth. But you don’t maximize your return by chance. You maximize it by a well-planned and executed strategy, including;

  • Investing in the right asset, and in the right location

  • Investing an appropriate amount in the asset’s maintenance

  • Setting the right level of rent

  • Keeping void/vacant periods to a minimum

  • Managing your risk exposure

Managing Risk:

Two main misconceptions associated with letting a property

1. Renting a property is straightforward and the agency has it covered

Unfortunately it’s not quite that simple

As a landlord, did you know that there are over 145 laws and regulations you need to follow in order to legally rent out a property?

But again, don’t panic as we are here to help and we have a huge amount of experience.

2. If you appoint a letting agent then you pass the risk to them

Unfortunately The law of agency does not work this way. When you appoint an agent, you authorise him or her to act on your behalf, but remain liable for almost all of their decisions You can see how important it is, given the above, to work with a real estate company that has the right experience, process, systems, and ‘care’ to manage your properties effectively.

But again, don’t panic as we are here to help and we have a huge amount of experience.