Management Systems

We have invested heavily into our management systems (Arthur) to ensure all processes are streamlined so we can keep landlords up to date in real time. To produce a systemised report, we keep our data up-to-date with cutting-edge technology and pay attention to quality and detail.

The information we present on the physical condition of your property is as accurate as possible during the tenancy. We keep accurate data in order to settle tenancy accounts, including deductions for the deposit, return of the deposit and other fees incurred as a result of disputes.

Through a powerful automation engine we can even put everything in place for you and access to our portal will enable you as A landlord to have live updates of matters concerning your property

Our use of market leading online tools has enabled us to get your property out in the market within few hours ensuring maximum efficiency and no delays in finding tenants.

Our dedicated financial console ensures landlords get paid on time and information is produced in the most clear format.

Overall as A landlord you will reap the ultimate benefits of the systems we have incorporated.

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