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Tenant Issues

What Is a Tenant Related Issue?

Tenant issue that are not related to maintenance (leaving notice, issues etc)

Maintenance Issues

What is a maintenance issue?

Any issues relating to maintenance inside or outside the property

Account Issues

What is an account related issue?

Anything to do with invoices, rent, payments etc is account related

What To Do In The Event Of An Emergency

Under no circumstances should you try to put out a fire on your own.

After evacuating the property, you should contact the emergency services to report the fire. After that you must contact us by telephone.

Emergency number is 999

In the case of a power outage, please check the fuse box to make sure no switches have simply tripped. 

You might want to check with your neighbors to see if they are affected.

If your electricity fails or there is a local cable emergency, you need to call your electricity supplier or UK Power Networks on – 0800 31 63 105 to get an update on the situation.


If you smell gas or have a leak, you should evacuate your property immediately and contact the National Grid Gas Emergency Service immediately. on 0800 111 999.

We then ask that you report this issue by email or by telephone to the leafylettings team.

Gas Boiler/heating issues:

Please follow the steps below if your boiler is not working:

· Check your room thermostat is on (at least 21 degrees)

· If radiators have individual thermostatic valves, are they on?

· Does your boiler show a fault or code?

· If you have a pre-payment meter check for credit

· Condensate pipes on the outside may freeze if weather is particularly cold (below freezing). Please contact us if this happens.

· If a radiator is warm at the bottom but cold at the top it may need bleeding

· Warm radiators at the top but cold at the bottom may indicate debris in the system that requires a power flush


Please be familiar with the location of your stop tap.

If a leak is coming from your property causing ongoing damage to your property or the property below, then please turn off the water supply and call us immediately. 

If water is coming from an upstairs property, alert the occupants above immediately and ask them to shut off the source of the leak. If they are not in, leave them a note to contact you.

If you find you do not have any water, please check with your neighbours to see if they are affected as well.

Please contact your water supplier, Affinity Water, to make them aware on 0345 357 2402.

You MUST report any break-ins or attempted break-ins to the police in the first instance and obtain a crime reference number. Please be sure to make them aware of any damage so that they can have this noted on their records.

We will arrange for a contractor to initially attend to temporarily board up the window / door and make the property safe. They would then re-attend during working hours to replace any glass to the window/door as deemed necessary.

If you have broken the key in the lock, or lost your key, please call a locksmith and usually a can be googled for a local locksmith

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