HMO Properties were designed into our business processes from the very beginning

When It Comes To HMOs, It’s All In A Day’s Work For Us.

Creating and managing a HMO can be a potential minefield if you are not familiar with the various regulatory requirements that vary from council to council. Any mistake could be disastrous! We work closely with a number of councils and know the various rules and restrictions.

The process of finding, screening, negotiating, viewing, and filtering compatible prospective tenants as well as meeting legal obligations – We are HMO experts, so everything is just part of the job.

Our number one priority is your tenants’ safety and security, so we offer a responsive and 24/7 service ensuring swift and prompt action should any issues occur.

Whether you already own an HMO or are thinking about investing we have a specialist team of experts who are willing to help.

With our complete end-to-end HMO property investment service, we can help you repurpose properties from your portfolio in addition to sourcing and acquiring suitable HMO properties

hmo services for landlords

Leafy Lettings Converts residential homes into HMOs to maximize yields for our clients. We market, we manage, and we get results.




Investing in property offers a great opportunity, but are you taking advantage of it? By maximising your occupancy potential, we can increase your ROI. All of our drawings adhere to local and national guidelines.



By preparing and submitting your application, we remove all of your stress from the process. We have a team of accredited professionals who can assist you at any stage of the process.



Need assistance in applying for planning permission for your property?
Both our experienced and qualified staff members are fully conversant with Article 4 and HMO planning applications.


The Management Of HMO Compliance And Adherence To Government Regulations Are Extremely Important.

In Addition To The Individual Requirements Of Local Authorities, The Management Of Houses In Multiple Occupation (England) Regulations 2006 Must Also Be Adhered To. At Leafy Lettings We ensure the best possible care for your HMO property and tenants regardless of whether you live locally or at long distance.