Hassle Free

As HMO specialists, we are fully qualified to take over management of your HMO business. We understand how valuable your time is, and working with us means you’ll spend less time on the business.

We handle tenancy issues, rental collections, property inspections, and maintenance

It is firstly important to note those things that actually cause more hassle for a landlord.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • High staff turnover rates
  • Inexperienced staff
  • Difficult access to an agent

Research has shown the above leads to poor quality customer service. Inexperienced and junior staff members often result in poor tenant selection, rent arrears, substandard property maintenance, and non-compliance with critical legislation.

“Let” Leafy Lettings manage your rental property for you. With our team, you have access to;

An independently owned agency, we ensure that our relationships with our business owners remain consistent. You will not have a lot of staff turnover.

We gain a thorough understanding of you, your property, and your tenants by maintaining a consistent relationship.

We have invested in our staff members to various courses to ensure the highest level of skill set and knowledge base is provided to our clients.

Ensuring credibility through accreditation and regular training of staff members landlords will not have the hassle of wasting their valuable time waiting for answers.

Our staff are fully trained to handle issues which landlords would call a Hassle.

We have a well designed landlord portal where personal support can be provided with up to date information with easy easy access. In addition to the portal you will have access through email and our phone support.

"Clients Rated us: Excellent on TrustPilot"