Property Monitoring & Inspections

A regular aspect of managing a rental property is completing routine inspections. Under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985, all landlords have the right to conduct assessments of a property’s ‘condition and state of repair. Typically, these inspections are performed several times throughout the year or when a tenant moves out.

We offer a full service to our landlords, including conducting inspections on their properties. A frequently asked question we receive about this service is what exactly we check for.

The purpose of these checks and the two main aspects we look for are

1. What maintenance issues need to be addressed?

2. Are your tenants following the terms of the lease agreement

Our examination of the property for these two items is based on the following.

Condition of fittings, furniture and appliances

We check the condition of all items that are included in the rental property and which were recorded on the inventory report. White goods, electrical appliances, furniture and appliances such as the toilet are all inspected and logged.

The issues we see are immediately addressed and if the repairs are not caused by wear and tear but by the tenant’s negligence, the security deposit is used to cover the cost of the repairs.

General property condition

Everything from walls to countertops are given a once over to check if there has been any property damage since the last inspection. All damage is logged, reviewed by the property owner for approval and fixed by our trusted tradespeople.

Safety alarms and detectors

A vital step we take is to ensure that all smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide detectors are in full working order. These can often become clogged with dust so a quick clean can get them back into top shape.

Leaks and drainage

By checking for leaks in pipes, taps, and external drainage, you can save time and money in the long run. Checking the property’s external piping is crucial, as tenants may not notice or feel the need to report issues that aren’t located inside the building. If leaks are left unattended, they cause further damage, as well as spreading damp and mould, which can become expensive to resolve.

Damp and mould

These are very common issues many tenants simply ignore or decide to live with. Damp and mould is a major concern that needs to be addressed as this can cause massive structural damage and be health hazard for those those around it. In addition, this issue can quickly spread and become a much more severe problem. Our checks are thorough including walls, ceilings and especially areas which are prone to more moisture such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Condition of extra areas: gardens, lofts, basements

Not all properties include these different areas, however if they do A thorough inspection would be conducted. Rooms such as attics are checked closely for signs of damage or leaks.

“Assisting our clients with all aspects of their rental has always been our priority, as well as ensuring their properties are maintained in excellent condition.”

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